Note: For all our services there is a minimum charge of £5.00.

Digital Transcription:

Our digital services are charged per minute of audio and not per hour like many others. This way you know exactly how much each dictation will cost regardless of how long it may take to type. Depending on the level of detail required,  a good quality transcription may take several times its length to produce. 

* The following prices are based on Relevant Edited Verbatim. Please specify in the quote request the level of detail you require.  Please also note there may be additional charges for group interviews and audio recordings of poor quality.


1 Working Day - £1.70 per audio minute.

3 Working Days - £1.30 per audio minute.

5 Working Days- £1.00 per audio minute.

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Analogue Transcription:

Analogue transcriptions are charged on a per hour to perform the transcription.

Analogue Transcriptions from £25.00 per hour. Email for a quote.

Send Us Your Audio tapes and we can get your audio data transcribed from as little as £25.00


Sorry, Analogue Transcription Currently Unavailable


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