How It Works:

There's two ways you can send us your information to be typed. Either Dictate your files using a digital voice recorder and email them to us or send via the website. We will then transcribe the audio and email it back to you! Alternatively you can send us analogue audio tapes or CDs by post and we will transcribe them and either email the completed documents to you or post printed documents back to you. We can even create interactive Powerpoint presentations for you from your audio descriptions.

You can send us any logos, background, watermarks etc that you wish to be included on the document. Our service can be adjusted to suit your needs. We can turn the document around in as little as 3 working days or if you prefer you can have it back in 5 working days for a bit less money.

We specialise in the audio typing of:
Letters, Notes, Books, Presentations, Manuscripts.

Plus pretty much anything that can be typed.


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[email protected]


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